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2022-07-12 11:32:51 By : Ms. kira lee

't Eemgoed in Almere: a unique housing project by architectural firm cepezed with 82 homes where a new way of living, contact with nature and energy neutrality are central.The project is characterized by its structure of long houses – terraced bungalows over which the landscape runs – with various landscape rooms in between, intended for vegetable gardens and playgrounds, among other things.The developers/initiators 2Open and cepezedprojects opted for houses with a green inverted roof from JACKON Insulation to reinforce the sustainable character.The realization was done in collaboration with Quality Roofing Systems and Roof Protection.The spatial living environment of this project is exceptional.The landscape runs over the houses.The backs of the longhouses consist of a layer of earth covered with grasses and flowers.Underneath is the roof structure of the houses and in between the roof insulation.Because the houses are largely prefabricated, the choice for an inverted roof with the Jackon XPS insulation boards was the most logical move.Because of their light weight, they limit the pressure on the structure.Installing an inverted roof keeps moisture damage to a minimum.JACKODUR® XPS insulation boards do not absorb moisture, they dissipate it.The entire roof structure is protected by means of a moisture-wicking filter cloth (JACKODUR® WA),' emphasizes Sjoerd van de Werf of Quality Roofing Systems.For the project developers, sustainability is the common thread in the project.The JACKODUR® products also fit into this picture and were put forward as the ideal product by the roofer.It is a system that retains its insulation values, does not lose power, has a long lifespan and is also easy to install.“Despite their low thickness, JACKODUR® PLUS XPS insulation boards have the best Lambda value (0.027 W/(mk) available. They have an excellent insulating capacity, which is a decisive factor in this unique project. Also the thickness of the roof structure is lower, which means less total volume is required. This in turn has a favorable effect on the price tag. The lower weight ensures quick and easy installation. An added value for the roof construction and the roofers, "says Sjoerd van de Werf.A tight schedule was drawn up for the project.About 7500m² of material was used, a very large volume in terms of logistics.It was therefore important to make clear agreements between the various parties in order to bring the project to a successful conclusion.“We have been working with Quality Roofing Systems for several years.They know our products very well.Together with Roof Protection, we advised project developers and architects on the best choice for the construction of the roof.The result is a unique and energy-neutral residential project with green reversible roofs, to which Jackon has made an ecological contribution,” says Marco Duivelaar of Jackon Insulation Netherlands.With inverted roofs, the insulation layer is placed on top of the waterproofing.This inverted construction offers many advantages because the insulation protects the waterproofing against all kinds of weather influences such as temperature fluctuations and UV radiation.Mechanical damage is also avoided.This considerably extends the life of the waterproofing.Home About Manufacturing Industry News Become a blogger Advertising Accessibility and Contact